Ah, yes. It’s’ the end of March. Most people have given up on their resolutions. The gym is clearing out, the expensive planner you purchased found a nice new home on the dusty bookshelf, and the trash bags filled with items that didn’t bring you joy are all still piled up in your garage. It is easy to make a resolution and forget about it within a few weeks (much like that copy of The Fountainhead you swore you’d finish this year!), but what about the resolutions you made for your business? What are your goals for 2019, and how are you going to reach them? If you haven’t thought about it yet, I am ready to make a suggestion. You ready for this?

I believe that everyone should be doing the job they are best at.

Think about it. When you go to your spin class, do you see Julia Roberts, yelling at you to hurry up? When a woman is in labor, are you going to send in Michael Jordan, or are you going to send in a midwife with years of experience? When you go to coach people on health and wellness, would you send in a nutritionist or me… who has a love affair with peanut butter cups? It seems easy to have a random member of your team take over your social media, but the truth is that your secretary or assistant or dental hygienist might not know what they are doing.

I challenge you to look at your team and see how they fit and where you can use them. Really get to know them so you know how they can best benefit your company. Let me handle what I’m good at, and let your team get back to the jobs they were hired to do.