I asked my Instagram followers of midwives, birth center owners, and doulas what questions they have about marketing for natural birth professionals, today I am answering the question:

What is the Best Performing Content for Midwives & Birth Centers?

This is a fantastic question, and a perfect example of getting a little too caught up in the details. When it comes to marketing you should take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Do you know what every successful marketing campaign/blogger/media personality has in common? They are consistent. They are always posting to social media. They are always creating new content in one form or another. You can count on them to be around. You look forward to seeing their posts. 

Consistent content is the best form of content. It doesn’t matter if you use videos, photos, links, graphics, etc. The best way to post to social media is with consistency. 

My daughter is 4 and she loves a YouTube channel that features a married couple opening collectibles. She gets to watch 1 video a day, and it is what she chooses every single day. And do you know what? They post a new video every single day. I can count on that. My daughter can count on that. And even in the very beginning when they weren’t making any money, they still posted videos consistently. In fact, they were spending tons of their own money!  (shoutout to PS Toy Reviews who now have 1.5 million subscribers on YouTube!) 

So think of videos, pictures, graphics, and links as tactics you can use to boost your online presence. Don’t think of any single tactic as your solution. Your solution is consistency, but are you willing to put in the work? Watch the video where I go into detail about this question here!