I asked my social media followers of midwives, birth centers, and doulas to ask me some burning questions about marketing for natural birth professionals. 

Burning Question #2 -What Can Midwives do for Marketing With a Minimal Budget?

The answer: quite a lot actually. I hear from home birth and birth center midwives all over the country who have a marketing budget of a few hundred dollars a year. If this is you, don’t fret! I have a few money saving tips:

  1. Utilize birth photographers- If you have a client who has used a birth photographer, reach out to them and see if they wouldn’t mind if you shared their pictures on social media. Spread them out so you can use them over time! Just don’t forget to tag the photographer. 
  2. Go get an account and make yourself familiar with Picmonkey. It’s about $12 a month for an account, but you will be able to create graphics and infographics for your social media channels! You can use these to promote events or even just important statistics! Plus they have a ton of premade templates so all you have to do is enter your info and you are good to go! 

Those are two great resources to get you started on a very minimal budget. Remember, use what you have! If you have photos or videos, spread them out over time. Just make sure you don’t allow your minimal marketing budget to get in the way of creating a consistent brand on social media! You can do this! To hear more details on this check out my video here!