Whether you love social media, or hate it, social media is pretty much life or death for a business. People need to know what’s happening at your business so they know when to show up, how much money they are going to spend, and what they will see when they arrive. Therefore, you need to make sure you have somewhat of a grasp on the social media strategy for your birth center. Now let’s talk about how YOU can make your social media presence benefit your profit, productivity, and people!

Examine your Current Content Strategy

The best way to make sure you are rockin’ the social media game is to take a look at what you are already doing. So, I suggest taking a look at the content you’ve put up over the last calendar year and checking for engagement, clicks, and general vibe. You KNOW when something worked and you KNOW when something didn’t work. You will most likely collect a ton of data, so make sure you have some sort of organized way to assess it. Categorize your content and then measure how each one performed. For example, did infographic content beat video content?

Here are the goals for your research into your content strategy:

  • Increase the quality and production of what people seem to like
  • Refine the stuff that’s not reaching your audience

Invest in Social Media Content Creation

Now that you have taken a really deep look at your content strategy, you know what gets the most engagement. Now you need to put a little time/money into those things! I know, easier said than done, but it’s the truth!

There are plenty of content options for you: colorful and informative graphics, photos, shareable articles, blogs, etc. Your goal should be to make more of what you know your audience wants to see! Invest in this right NOW and it will pay off x10 in the future, trust me.

Check your Competitors

Much like you check the stats during Fantasy Football season, it’s time to check stats with your competitors. Ask yourself ‘What are they doing well?’ and think of a way to put a creative spin on their idea. It’s not copying if you use an idea and make it your own! Don’t think of this as lacking creativity or trying to copy what others are doing. Think of this as a means to see what opportunities exist for your brand. You never know what might inspire you, and sometimes the inspiration comes from the competition!

So what am I trying to say here? That every once and awhile it’s good to take some time to check in on your social media strategy for your birth center! Just like your car needs an oil change every 3,000-5,000 miles, your social media needs a tuneup too! Invest your time and money now, so that you don’t end up with a dud in the future.