Marketing for Midwives: I get asked all the time to share the best way to advertise a midwifery practice or birth center online, and the conversation always breaks my heart! For most, the decision comes down to Facebook ads or Google Adwords. I should mention that I have a Facebook ad course for midwives & birth centers BUT I also hold a Google Adwords certification, so I love them both equally. 

Bottom line, I will always choose Facebook ads for midwives and birth centers when it comes to paid advertising. Honestly, Facebook ads are always going to be your least expensive option (unless you have no competition in your area) and they offer a lot more options to customize your content. Adwords doesn’t give you many options other than 2-3 lines of text. I think we can all agree that when it comes to midwifery and birth centers, the more photos/video we use, the better. 

Facebook ads also offer the option to promote website clicks, so you can promote your website similar to Google Adwords. You can also target a very specific demographic on Facebook (something I teach in my course!) so for midwives and birth centers looking to spend their hard earned money, I suggest Facebook over Adwords.

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