I asked my social media followers of midwives, birth centers, and doulas to ask me some burning questions about marketing for natural birth professionals. Burning Question #4 – As a Midwife/Birth Center How Many Videos do I Need?

Short answer: 0

Hear me out though. Not every midwife on the planet feels comfortable being on video and I am 100% ok with that. There are plenty of other tactics to use for marketing your midwife or home birth business. There are a lot of companies out there who will tell you that you need a video a week. To put this quite frankly, that’s a lie. You do not need a video a week.

It’s important to remember the production of content in large amounts with little quality is no longer a tactic in any online strategy. Potential clients are looking to see something and remember it. You need to make sure your content is carefully planned, researched, and is what your audience is actually looking for. You’ll never be remembered just because your brand has a lot of content. You’ll be remembered because your brand connect with your clients.

So my point midwife or birth center: A high quality video should be used for marketing purposes for waaaaay more than a week. After all, you paid good money for it! It also should be used several times throughout the year. When you run Facebook ads on a video you need to run them for a lot longer than a week for them to be seen and utilized properly. Trust me, I am a FB ads wizard. Also, making more videos costs you more money. Who really wins there? Sometimes there really can be too much of a good thing.