When you sit down to write birth center social media posts do you completely draw a blank?

Sometimes it’s easy to feel like you’ve used up all of your good ideas. The well has run dry. The river is no longer flowing. You get the picture. Whether you’re curating content or (trying)  to come up with something original, there are plenty of ways to keep things easy for you and fresh for your audience.

Here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks for finding something to post about on social media when you are completely tapped out.

Reuse Old Blog Posts

Do you have some old blogs that haven’t seen the spotlight in a while? Or maybe they just need quick refresh? Use your old content to your advantage! Instead of sharing your blogs with the same title, consider re-sharing them but “twisting” the title to attract a different audience. Maybe your original title was weak but the content was good!

Share Great Quotes

People love a good quote. They share them on Twitter, make them into graphics, or write great content explaining why it resonates with them. Have you read a killer blog post that makes a ton of great points? Share one of them in a tweet or Facebook post if it’s relevant to your audience. (cough cough… this blog is filled with great points)

On This Day in History

History buffs rejoice! This one is for you! It’s time to do a little research. What’s happened on this same day in the history of your industry? Share that information with the world.

Chase Calendar of Events

WHAT?! A guide with all the special events for the days/weeks/months? There are SO many incredible ideas in here to get your brain moving. If you fill in your content calendar for the month and you are missing 2-3 days worth of content, this is the best way to fill it in!

Okay now that I have shared my favorite tools to help find content, I want to bring up one more important piece of the puzzle, emotion. The best birth center social media posts have always been the ones that show some sort of emotion or emotional risk. You may question the business value of this for many reasons and I totally understand that. But remember that social media is about being social, aka doing what makes us all human! The more your audience sees your human side, the more they will want to connect.